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Last reviewed: June 13 2012

Good backups will save you time and money.

When (not if) your computer meets with a disaster, be prepared!

Backups. No one likes to think about the possibility of a computer crashing, but it happens every day. Computer crashes can happen without warning and can be catastrophic.

Performing regular backups doesn't fall on anyone's list of fun things to do. But, you will save yourself the time needed to recreate data, the monetary cost of lost productivity, and the heartache of losing data that is not reproducible.

Many people think they don't have important data on their systems, but almost everyone has something they would be upset to lose.

Home users

Corporate users

There are many different solutions for backups. No one solution is right for every situation. Here's a list of some common solutions with their good points and bad points.

Mozy offers a free service for individuals to backup 2GB of data. There is no excuse not to take advantage of their offer. If you have more than 2GB of data, their unlimited backup package is reasonably priced or contact Starbeam to talk to us about our backup services.

Starbeam offers a managed backup service for small businesses that includes local backup storage on our secure servers and a technician to regularly check the status of your backups to make sure your critical data is successfully backed up and new files are marked for backup.

If you have any questions about backups or would like to discuss having a professional set up a backup solution for you please contact Starbeam. We can help you safeguard your data before disaster strikes. We can also help you recover your data and put your computer back in working order if you've already been the victim of a disaster.

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